• Gravel Car Parks

    SureGreen provide a market leading porous paving solution for car parks that are required to be free draining, permeable, provide a stabilised trafficable pavement surface and that retains the angular stone in situ. SUREGREEN PP40 plastic paving grids are the answer.

    Porous plastic paving grids retain gravel in place for gravel car parking
  • Permeable Access Routes

    Grass and ground reinforcement meshes and porous plastic pavers are often used to create permeable free draining access routes to enable pedestrian or vehicle traffic access to areas where normally conditions would be prohibitive for traffic movements.

    Access road installation using PP40 plastic porous paving grids
  • Drives and Driveways

    A growing requirement to alleviate flooding in urban areas, is a free draining permeable ground reinforcement system that provides a paving surface that can withstand regular car and vehicle traffic while provide a free draining surface. SUREGREEN PP40 porous pavers are the answer with a gravel or grass fill.

    Plastic pavers retain gravel, producing an attractive free draing parking surface
  • Wheelchair Paths

    Disabled paths – normally a minimum of 1.2m wide - need to be even and stable allowing smooth incident free trafficking of pedestrians and wheelchairs. SUREGREEN PP40 or GS ranges are solutions to solve the problem and at the same time offering a fully porous and permeable reinforce pavement surface.

    Grass reinforcement mesh reinforces grass for wheelchair and disable access paths
  • Fire Access Routes

    Fire Access Routes may be public highways, private roads, footpaths or specially strengthened and defined routes through the land surrounding buildings. SUREGREEN PP40 porous pavers provide a stable permeable fire access route, while providing an environmentally friendly, porous, free draining access road that could be gravel or grassed.

    Fire Engine lanes can be grass if using plastic porous pavers
  • Equestrian / Livestock

    Equestrian applications include paddocks, gateways and walkways which are usually grassed areas that are prone over poaching, wear and rutting for the movements of the horses / livestock. SUREGREEN GR Grass Reinforcement mesh range and SUREGREEN PP40 porous paver range are used to solve these issues.

    Horse and cattle surfaces reinforced with plastic pavers or reinforcement mesh
  • Grass Car Parks

    The benefits of a grass car park are the natural appearance, natural drainage and the environmental benefits. In order to provide a stable surface that is protected from wear and rutting, the surface must be reinforced or stabilised. SUREGREEN GR grass reinforcement meshes and PP40 porous grass pavers provide the answer.

    Grass Protection Mesh and Porous grass pavers for grass car parks

Grass, Ground & Gravel Reinforcement

Permeable, free draining, recyclable and environmentally friendly paving solutions are used to solve the issue of providing a trafficable surface protection on grass or where a sustainable gravel surface is required. Suregreen’s product range meets the latest requirements regarding flood alleviation and SUDS requirements.

Product solutions include Porous Pavers and Grass reinforcement meshes. Applications include gravel car parks, overflow grass car parking, fire access roads, cycle paths, driveways, access roads and disabled paths.

Suregreen PP40 Porous Paver

Porous plastic pavers for gravel or grass ground stabilisation

SUREGREEN PP40 is a plastic porous paver that provides solutions to a wide range of trafficking needs, particularly car parks on grass and for gravel retention.

Suregreen GR Grass Reinforcement Mesh

SUREGREEN GR Grass reinforcement mesh for protecting grass

SUREGREEN GR Grass Reinforcement Meshes are a fully permeable plastic mesh solution for protecting grass where cars and pedestrians may wear or cause rutting.

TRUCKGRID-Max permeable paving grids

SUREGREEN TRUCKGRID-Max permeable paving grids for grass and gravel access routes

TRUCKGRID is a heavy-duty permeable plastic paving grid for coach parking, buses, HGV's, forklifts and industrial / factory yards.