Suregreen Limited is a business dedicated to providing high quality landscape and civil engineering products to the construction, landscape, horticulture and agriculture markets. Suregreen was established in 2013 by John Warner, James Rowlandson and Ian Barnes. John, James and Ian have considerable experience in the manufacture and supply of extruded plastic meshes, nets, landscape fabrics and geotextiles to the trade and ecommerce markets.

Suregreen's GRASS, GROUND & GRAVEL REINFORCEMENT website has been developed to offer the industry, a range of market leading solutions to free draining paving solutions that provide either a gravel or natural grass finish. These surfaces are reinforced and will allow vehicles (cars, vans, lorries, trucks and coaches) to use them without damaging the grass or gravel.

Suregreen's grass and gravel reinforcement range includes grass protection mesh, turf reinforcement mesh and plastic porous pavers. Applications include car parks, access roads, paths, fire roads, equestrian surfaces and disabled access paths.

John Warner, Managing Director - Before starting Suregreen, John was President for the global geosynthetics and construction business for Fiberweb PLC, now part of Polymer Group Industries (PGI). John was previously chief executive of Boddingtons Limited, the UK's lead manufacturer of plastic meshes and netting until the business was acquired by Fiberweb PLC in 2010.

James Rowlandson, Director - Before joining Suregreen, James was employed by Boddingtons and Fiberweb for over 14 years holding the position of Global Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager. James left to create a focused customer driven ecommerce business with Suregreen. James aims to ensure that the product range on offer is always competitive, good quality and what the customer requires. The range will grow from season to season with innovative new additions and will be available online and to the trade.

Ian Barnes, Chairman - As chairman of Suregreen, Ian brings vast experience from his previous career employment. His career has seen him hold roles including President with Fiberweb PLC, Managing Director of MK Electric, Terram Ltd and Caradon Everest Limited, Group Chief Executive of Expamet Building Products and Fulcrum Connections, and Chairman of IG Lintels Ltd to name a few.

John and James were both key figures in the development of many of the Boddingtons plastic meshes and nets including the development of the now market leading "Terram™ Grass and Ground Reinforcement Solutions" range which included Grass Protection Mesh (GrassProtecta™) and BodPave™ 40 and BodPave™ 85 plastic porous paving grids

 James also developed and launched the Boddingtons Online ecommerce website, that opened a new market channel for Boddingtons/Fiberweb to explore. As industrial manufacturing business, the ecommerce shops provided the business with sales opportunities directly from end users and homeowners.

At Suregreen, we would like our customers to know that we are committed to offering the best value possible. We will endeavour to be not just the best on price, but the best on quality, customer service, delivery and customer satisfaction. Our management team are very experienced and will use this expertise in ecommerce, retail, wholesale and trade to delivery the best value....guaranteed.

Terram, GrassProtecta and BodPave are all registered trademarks of Fiberweb PLC, a PGI Company