• Permeable Access Road

    Designed for the heaviest of traffic. From HGV, vans and lorry access roads, loading bays, fork-lift areas, coach parks, bus lanes, fire access route and car parks

    Heavy-weight bearing porous pavers for HGV access
  • Access Routes

    Plastic pavers provide ground stabilisation and a free draining road

    PP40 porous pavers are used where a permeable ground stabilisation solution

    Installation using PP40 plastic paving grids for an access road
  • Access Routes

    Grass Reinforcement Mesh for occasional access roads on grass

    Thick plastic mesh for reinforcing and protecting grass where permanent trafficking of cars and vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes is required

    Grass Protection mesh protects grass from mud and car rutting
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The SUREGREEN range of ground reinforcement meshes and porous plastic pavers are often used to create an access route so traffic – pedestrian or vehicles – can gain entry to areas where normally conditions would be prohibitive for traffic movements.

The need for access routes can be many and varied. Some examples are:

  • Road to a car park.
  • Emergency route on to playing fields – this is usually for an ambulance.
  • Routes for cars and pedestrians around caravan parks, theme parks, National Trust parks etc.
  • Pedestrian pathway for woodland walks / access.
  • Access to Moorland.
  • Roadways to outbuildings and holiday homes.
  • Paths across sports areas like buggy paths for a golf course.
  • Cycle paths.

All the SUREGREEN range can be used to solve the issue of access.  What needs to be established is which product would give the best solution within reasonable and realistic timescales suiting on site conditions and requirements. 

There are many factors affecting the choice of product to provide a solution for an access route.  Amongst them are likely to be:-frequency and intensity of use, type of traffic, slopes, drainage, planning considerations, soil types, SUDS requirements and financial issues. All or some could have an effect on the way forward.  Suregreen have an experienced technical team and would be pleased to give guidance and design to find the right way forward.