• Car Park Applications

    Grass car park using porous pavers

    Grass car park using cellular grass pavers
  • Car Park Applications

    Grass Pavers being installed for a domestic parking area

    Grass Paver installation for parking a car
  • Car Park Applications

    Porous plastic paver gravel filled car park

    Gravel filled plastic paving grid for car a coach parking
  • Car Park Applications

    Grass Protection Mesh reinforced grass for overflow parking

    Grass reinforcement mesh reinforces the grass for car parking
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Car parks can range from an area where thousands of cars move on a daily all year round basis to an area where it is for single car parking used a few times in a year.

SUREGREEN offer a range of products that all can be used to solve the issue of car parking requirements, whether a free draining permeable gravel car park is required or a natural looking reinforced grass or overflow car park is required.

The SUREGREEN TR, GS and PP ranges give a wide variety of resolutions to the often ever pressing need for incident free car parking in areas where often it would not be considered practical for car parking.  What would need to be assessed is which solution would be the best answer for the way forward. For example for a hardworking, all day, all year round car park like a busy hospital then the SUREGREEN PP range of porous pavers with a gravel fill is likely to be the correct choice. Another example is maybe a car park utilising an existing grass area where the use is infrequent but occasionally intense and mainly in the warmer months then the SUREGREEN GR grass reinforcement range could be the solution.  At the very light use end of the scale there may be a requirement for single car parking only, for example, at a holiday home.  Then perhaps the SUREGREEN TR turf reinforcement may be the answer.

The SUREGREEN range of permeable surface protection products can and have solved primary and overflow parking issues in many settings. These include:-

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • National Trust Properties
  • Service Stations
  • Caravan sites
  • Domestic parking
  • Theme parks and Zoos
  • Visitor Attractions

There are many factors affecting the choice for a car park solution.  Amongst them are likely to be:- frequency and intensity of use, type of traffic, slopes, drainage, planning considerations, soil types, SUDS requirements and financial issues. All or some could have an effect on the way forward.  SUREGREEN have an experienced technical team and would be pleased to give guidance and design to find the right way forward.