PP25 Porous Paver for Grass

    Quick and easy to install, can be installed without hardcore foundation.


    PP25 Porous Paver for Grass

    Quick and easy to install, can be installed without hardcore foundation.


    PP25 Porous Paver for Grass

    Quick and easy to install, can be installed without hardcore foundation.

Make an


  • Car parking bays for light weight domestic applications
  • Wheelchair / disabled access paths
  • Pedestrian footpaths
  • Cycle paths
  • Caravan parking
  • Verge parking
  • Shed bases

Product Overview

SUREGREEN PP25 is a porous plastic grid that can provide a solution to a wide range of light weight and domestic trafficking needs.  The need might be a pedestrian walkway, wheel chair / disabled access route or for a domestic driveway where a natural grass or gravel finish is desired. 

PP25 has been designed, using carefully selected recycled plastics, to provide an economical solution to many domestic ground reinforcement needs, allowing movement and parking where normally it would not be considered.  The PP25 grids have been consciously designed to meet the demands of grass or gravel finishes, its natural open cell structure helps promote grass growth but also has a structure that helps retain gravel whilst providing a reinforced layer.

Features and Benefits

PP25 is supplied per m2; each m2 is made up of four 500x500mm individual grids for easy handling and installing. The square grids interlock with adjacent paving grids to create a stable and robust surface. The plastic pavers have a 25mm deep open cell structure which promotes excellent root growth. 
SUREGREEN PP25 has been manufactured using 100% recycled plastics that have the qualities that are required for a strong, long-lasting, stable product suitable for the designed traffic load. These include:-

  • UV stabilisation to stop degradation by sunlight.
  • Tested to 400T/m², (when filled), and so capable of withstanding car movements.
  • Paver profile that allows expansion on warmer days or in direct sunlight when required to stop lifting.
  • Plastic selection to allow use in cold temperatures – some plastic will become fragile when cold.
  • Open structure to allow unhindered water permeability.
  • Paver design to provide maximum support and stability from a grass root structure.
  • All plastics used are stable, chemically inert and are not toxic so are suitable for normal soil conditions.

SUREGREEN PP25 porous plastic paving grids have been designed to meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) requirements. PP25 pavers provide a porous / permeable pavement grassed surface that allows rainwater / flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface and fill material into the subgrade below. SUREGREEN PP25 is a SUDS source control system.

Installation Overview

There are three different installations possible with this product, a “no dig” install which is great for small domestic jobs where a full installation is not possible or needed. A “temporary” install which is a guide on how to use the PP25 as a temporary solution to ground reinforcement. The final guide is for a “full” installation which will provide a full strength surface capable of dealing with vehicle traffic. Please read each guide carefully and select the correct option for your needs. If you require any further assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact us directly and speak to one of our experts.

“No dig’ Install:
This is the quickest and easiest installation, however it is not always possible to do a “no dig” install, firstly you must check that the desired area is flat and free draining, if it is not then please see our “full install” guide below. Due to the specially designed shape of the PP25 it can be inverted and pressed into an existing grass area this is sometimes known as a “flip and clip” install and can be done without the conventional layered install where sub-bases and geotextiles are required. The paver simply interlocks and in its inverted state should be able to be pressed in to the ground by hand, if this is not possible we advise waiting for the ground to become more forgiving otherwise it could damage the grids if forced. We also advise using this type of installation where tree root protection is a problem on site. 

The “no dig” install allows ground reinforcement without the expense of a full installation, however this does not offer the same level of strength as a full install would.

“Temporary” Install: 
Although not specifically designed for temporary usage, the PP25 can be laid temporarily, removed and reused if only required for short periods of time. The paver will need to be installed upon a firm, flat, and free draining surface; the paver is designed to conform to the shape and contours of the ground and will resist deformation and fracturing. This install requires no pegging because it gains its strength from interlocking together. This install is as simple as laying the paver on top of the desired surface. This will create a temporary surface offering improved grip and will help protect the surface from damage. Please note that when laying on top of grass that when the grass grows it can bind with the paver and make removal quite difficult.

“Full” Install:  
A full installation will require the desired area to be excavated. Usually the total depth of construction is between 200mm and 250mm.  After compacting the excavated area, a layer of geotextile should be laid. Over this a hard core stone sub-base is required usually to a depth of 100mm to 150mm this should be a permeable / porous reduced fines free draining angular stone with the size region of 5mm to 50mm.  A vibrating whacker plate or roller should be used to consolidate this sub-base stone. A second layer of geotextile should be laid over the sub-base stone to separate the fine soil/sand root zone (for grass surface) or gravel bedding (for gravel surface), from the hard core. The geotextile will prevent fine material moving downwards, but will allow water to filter through.
For a grass finish a layer of 50 to 75mm bedding layer of good quality sandy soil should laid over the geotextile and then compacted.  The PP25 plastic grids simply connect together and laid on to the compacted soil.  The grids should then be filled with top soil however be careful not to overfill as extra room is required for grass growth otherwise it can cause over compaction.  Once the grids and top soil are in then simply apply Suregreen grass seed, we advise using our seeds as they have been specially formulated for plastic grids. 

For a gravel finish, a hardwearing angular assorted sized aggregate mixed – size of 5mm to 15mm to a depth of approximate 25mm should be laid on the top layer of geotextile. The PP25 is then placed and interlocked on this layer of gravel and then filled with more gravel. The PP25 can be lightly compacted if deemed necessary.

When installed correctly Suregreen PP25 will provide a hardwearing, robust and permeable free draining surface that would have an expected lifetime of many years.  The paver itself has been deliberately designed to allow excellent grass root entanglement with its open structure and so will be able to resistant the dynamic loadings imposed by the trafficking. This will encourage strong, vibrant and sustainable grass growth with its unique shape and design.