PP30 Decorative Paver Cells

    White plastic driveway grids perfect for decorative gravel driveways.


    PP30 Decorative Paver Cells

    Porous paver with inbuilt mesh footprint to help retain gravel.


    PP30 Decorative Paver Cells

    Designed to hold gravel in situ, meaning it takes less gravel to fill and is perfect for decorative gravel


    PP30 Decorative Paver Cells

    SuDS compliant, ground reinforcement grids, perfect for domestic and commerical use

Make an


  • Driveways
  • Wheelchair / disabled access paths
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Car parking bays
  • Caravan parking
  • Verge parking

Product Overview

SUREGREEN PP30 is a porous plastic grid that has been designed to provide a decorative hardwearing solution to a wide range of ground reinforcement needs. The need might be a driveway, car parking bays, pedestrian walkway, or a wheel chair and disabled access route.  

SUREGREEN PP30 has been designed to provide a surface that will give exceptional retention of gravel and also to allow the gravel to be used as a pleasing feature display.  The PP30 has been tested to 500 ton per m2 which when installed correctly would allow movements of large vehicles, allowing deliveries of oil or collection from septic tanks to be made. PP30 has been consciously designed to keep gravel locked in place but it can also be filled with resin bound products.  PP30 offers a quick and easy to install ground reinforcement solution due its easy interlocking sections and extensive mesh footprint.

Features and Benefits

PP30 has been manufactured using specially selected plastics and has all the qualities that are required for a strong, long-lasting, stable product suitable for the designed traffic load. These include:-

  • UV stabilisation to stop degradation by sunlight.
  • Reduces costs on decorative gravel as the design of the paver keeps amounts required to a minimum.
  • Can be used with a resin bonded gravel when a very smooth finish is needed.
  • Tested to 500T/m², (when filled), and so capable of withstanding car movements.
  • Plastic selection to allow use in cold temperatures – some plastic will become fragile when cold.
  • Open structure to allow unhindered water permeability.
  • PP30 is ideally suited to work well with a resin bonded gravel fill to give a very smooth movement surface for disabled access.
  • Paver design to provide maximum support and stability from a gravel fill.
  • All plastics used are stable, chemically inert and are not toxic so are suitable for normal soil conditions.

SUREGREEN PP30 grids meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) requirements. PP30 pavers provide a porous / permeable pavement gravel surface that allows rainwater / flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface and fill material into the subgrade below. PP30 is a SUDS source control system.

Installation Overview

We offer three different installations on this product; one is the “pedestrian traffic” guide which is perfect if the paver is being used to reinforce a pathway for pedestrians or as a disabled access route. The next is our “car traffic” guide which will allow cars and other light vehicles to park and traffic on the paver. The final guide is our “large vehicle” guide which will allow vans, caravans and other slightly heavier vehicles to use the paver. We ask that you read each guide carefully and select which option best suits your needs, if you have any further questions, or believe you require a different ground reinforcement solution, or would simply like some advice then please contact us directly.

“Pedestrian traffic” install guide:  
This is a quick and easy install and is ideal for light duty applications like pedestrian or wheelchair friendly pathways. The PP30 has been designed so that it can be installed without a hard core sub base and can be placed directly on to the ground. The unique plastic grid layer on the underside of the grid allows the loads imposed to be more evenly spread out. To install simply lay the interlocking girds down on to a free draining, fairly flat and firm surface, the pavers do not require pegging down as they interlock securely. Once this layer is down cover in a hardwearing angular gravel roughly sized between 5mm to 15m. This will create a perfect walkway access route however it will not be suitable for vehicle traffic.

“Car traffic” install guide:
The porous pavers will need to be laid onto an excavated and prepared hard core sub-base.  A typical install of PP30 will require the total depth of construction to be between 130mm and 180mm.  Firstly the area must be excavated down to the depths instructed above and then compacted, on to this compacted soil a geotextile should be laid.  Next a hard core stone sub-base will need to be installed usually to a depth of 100mm to 150mm which should be a permeable / porous reduced fines free draining angular stone within the size region of 5mm to 50mm. A vibrating whacker plate or roller should be used to consolidate this sub-base stone.  The surface needs to be finished even and smooth so the PP30 will lay regularly on the top.
The PP30 is simply connected together using its integrated interlocking structure and placed on top of the compacted hard core (or existing structurally sound footing). The PP30 should then be filled with a hardwearing angular assorted sized aggregate mixed – size of 5mm to 15m or similar sizes should be used. The unique structure also allows a resin bonded product to be applied to give an ultra-smooth finish which is ideal for wheelchair access.

“Large vehicle traffic” install guide:
 This paver can also be used for heavy duty traffic such as vans and caravans, this install is completed in much the same way as the “car traffic” install however instead of a 100mm – 150mm of hard core it will require a depth of 200mm - 300mm.