• TRUCKGRID-Lite Porous Pavers

    Heavy Duty Permeable Paving Grids

    TRUCKGRID-Lite plastic porous paving grids are designed for heavy-weight applications like HGV and forklift areas

    plastic interlocking porous pavers
  • Porous Pavers

    Heavy Duty Gravel-filled porous pavers

    TRUCKGRID-Lite once filled with gravel, produces a free-draining solid surface ideal for industrial yards

    heavy weight pavers filled with gravel
  • TRUCKGRID-Lite Porous Pavers

    Heavy Duty Pavers for Industrial areas

    Robust thick plastic paving grid that resists heavy-weight traffic and provides a permeable gravel surface

    Permeable pavers with gravel fill
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TRUCKGRID-Lite is a heavy-weight plastic porous paving grid that is designed for heavy-weight traffic. With a cell wall thickness of 5mm and a weight of 10.5kg/sqm, the plastic grids are ideal for HGV's, Trucks, Forklifts and Industrial areas and roads.

TRUCKGRID-Lite porous pavers are designed to be filled with gravel and provide a permeable pavement surface capable of withstanding heavy weight vehicles that not only insert a vertical load-bearing force, but a dynamic force to the ground by the wheels of lorries and fork-lift trucks.

Manufactured from recycled plastics. the plastic grids have a positive interlock which provides structural integrity. TRUCKGRID-Lite plastic grids should be installed onto a well-prepared stone sub-base. This sub-base should be deep enough to support the required loads, and should be free draining to allow the water to permeate through the plastic grids / gravel, through the sub-base and into the sub-grade beneath. Please contact us for full installation guidance.


  • Industrial / Factory yards / outside storage areas
  • HGV loading areas
  • Forklift truck access areas
  • Coach and Bus parking
  • Car Parks
  • Access Roads
  • Fire Access Lanes


  • Tested to DIN 1072, SLW 60
  • Load-Bearing 10 tonnes per wheel / 20t axle loads
  • Interlocking connections
  • Thick 5mm cell walls
  • Heavy weight 10.5kg/sqm
  • Frost and UV-resistant

TRUCKGRID-Lite can also be used for grassed areas where a fire access lane or grassed car park is required. The plastic mesh cells should be bedded onto a specified rootzone and filled with the same rootzone soil and seeded. Please contact us for further installation guidelines.

Each recycled plastic porous paving grid is 50cm x 40cm in size, making 5 grids per square metre. TRUCKGRID-Lite provides heavy-weight ground reinforcement and stabilisation where vehicles insert a vertical and dynamic load as they drive over the area. 

Suregreen's TRUCKGRID-Lite porous plastic paving grids have been designed to meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), requirements. TRUCKGRID-Lite permeable pavers provides a porous / permeable pavement gravel surface that allows rainwater / flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface and fill material into the subgrade below. th pavers are designed to be used as part of the soruce control element within a SUDS system.

TRUCKGRID Paving Grid Product Details

Product Grid Size Grid Cell DepthCell Wall Thickness
  Weight MaterialLoad Bearing
Colour Part Code
TRUCKGRID 500mm x 400mm
40mm 5mm  10.5kg/m² Recycled HDPE
 20t axle loads