Heavy Duty Porous Pavers

    Porous paving grids for heavy goods vehicles, trucks, forklifts, industrial yards, bus, coach and car parks

    Porous paving grids for trucks. Maximim ground reinforcement

    Heavy Duty Porous Pavers

    Porous paving grids for heavy goods vehicles, trucks, forklifts and industrial yards. Ultimate ground stabilisation

    Porous paving grids for heavy goods vehicles
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SUREGREEN TRUCKGRID-Max permeable paving grids provide a wearing surface that is needed to manage the pressures and tensions imposed by heavy weight vehicle movements and harsh dynamic loadings. The need might be a truck park, an industrial yard, HGV access roads, a car park, loading bays, or a fire access requirement. TRUCKGRID is manufactured from 100% recycled plastics.

TRUCKGRID-Max provides a porous permeable surface that can meet heavy loading needs and can be used as part of a SUDS programme and so not contributing to / and adding to water overspill and flooding.

Typical Applications

TRUCKGRID-Max 80 and TRUCKGRID-Max 100 non-slip are porous pavers that provide a solution to a wide range of trafficking needs The applications and benefits would include:-

  • Intensive use car parking
  • Truck parking
  • Coach parks
  • Heavy use pedestrian paths
  • Fire access routes
  • Loading bays
  • Access routes for pumping stations, solar farms and electric relay stations.
  • Drives and Driveways where access to sceptic or oil tanks is needed

TRUCKGRID-Max porous pavers can be filled either with a gravel or a suitable sand / soil mix for a grassed finish. The gravel should be 5mm to 10mm mixed sharp angular aggregate.  Both finishes will give a very stable, hardworking and free draining working surface.  The design of TRUCKGRID-Max allows excellent stability resisting and negating dynamic and lateral loadings so the gravel or soils and paver remains in situ with little or no maintenance requirements.

TRUCKGRID-Max, when installed correctly will provide a hard-wearing, robust and permeable free draining surface that would have an expected lifetime of many years. Please see our installation and design guidance documents for further information. TRUCKGRID-Max 100 is supplied with a non-slip surface to entertain where the product would be installed on an incline. TRUCKGRID-Max has been manufactured using 100% recycled plastics that have the qualities that are required for a strong, long-lasting, stable product suitable for the designed traffic load. These include:-

  • UV stabilisation to stop degradation by sunlight
  • Capability to withstand movements and loadings of cars, vans, trucks, dustcarts, cranes, cherry pickers and forklifts.
  • Plastic selection to allow use in cold temperatures – some plastic will become fragile when cold.
  • Open structure to allow unhindered water permeability.
  • Paver design to maximum support and stability from either a gravel or a grass root structure.

TRUCKGRID-Max porous plastic paving grids have been designed to meet the demands laid down by local government regarding flood alleviation and SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), requirements. TRUCKGRID-Max pavers provide a porous / permeable pavement gravel surface that allows rainwater / flood water to infiltrate through the paver surface and fill material into the sub-grade below. TRUCKGRID-Max can be used as or part of a SUDS source control system.

TRUCKGRID-MAX Product Details

Product Grid Size Grid Cell Depth Grids per m²

Weight Material Load Bearing
Colour Part Code
600mm x 400mm
80mm  4.17   9kg Recycled polymer
20t axle loads
600mm x 400mm
100mm  4.17   12kg Recycled polymer
20t axle loads
Grey  TBC