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PP40 Permeable Pavers - Old Reigatian Rugby Club Install



Project: Access Route and Ambulance Emergency Parking

Client: Old Reigatian Rugby Club

Location: Old Reigatian Rugby Club - Geoffrey Knight Fields, Park Lane, Reigate

Application: Daily use car park, overflow car parks, access routes, disabled walkways, heavy use pedestrain paths, fire access lanes, equestrian walkways, cycle paths and domestic driveways

Product: PP40 Permeable Pavers  with Both Gravel and Grass Finish.


Old Reigatian Rugby Club had a worn and tired access route to the clubhouse that was in need of upgrading.  Also an existing grassed spectator area in front of the clubhouse adjacent to the playing field had become rutted and bare due to all year round footfall.  This same grassed area was also needed to allow access and parking for ambulances in case of emergencies so it was essential that it could take the loadings imposed by emergency vehicles. Overall, Old Reigatian Rugby Club wanted a cost-effective solution, easy to maintain and in keeping with their surroundings.

Why was the PP40 permeable pavers chosen over other's?

The PP40  was chosen over other permeable pavers due to its integral ground spikes for extra resistance to dislocation, strong natural shape for strength and the open structure of the paver. This open structure allowed strong entanglement of the grass with the paver. 

Also, the open structure of the paver permitted gravel to lock in place, resist displacement as well as produce an extremely strong and robust working surface.

Benefits of using PP40 Permeable Pavers for the Rugby Club

  • The rugby club has an access route to the clubhouse that they now rely on, which is keeping with the surroundings plus complies with the new planning regulations regarding sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)
  • The access road and grass area are both fully permeable and doesn’t add any potential risk to local flooding 
  • Also, no extra drainage was required for both areas resulting in no additional costs incurred
  • The spectator area is safe and can now withstand most weather conditions. After the grass, has grown fully and entangled with the PP40 permeable pavers, it will have an appearance of a landscaped grass area keeping pace with local demands for the natural areas.
  • Lastly, Suregreen’s permeable pavers are tried and tested products with competitive prices compared to other similar pavers.

Features of PP40 Permeable Pavers

  • Honeycomb shape – strongest natural shape resists turning motions of cars
  • Used as or part of a Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) 
  • Integral fixing spikes to resist lateral forces and turning motions
  • Loop and spike fitting allows for expansion
  • Completely recycled product
  • Proven track record for hard working locations
  • Open structure allows good grass growth easily
  • Open structure allows good gravel interlock
  • Fully UV Stabilised & rot proof
  • 500mm x 500mm for quick and easy installation

Typical application list for PP40 Permeable Pavers include the following:

  • Daily use car parks
  • Overflow car parks
  • Access Routes
  • Disabled Walkways
  • Heavy use Pedestrian Paths
  • Fire access Lanes
  • Equestrian walkways
  • Cycle Paths
  • Domestic Driveways

For technical information or to download our PP40 permeable pavers technical guidance, please click here.