• Gravel Driveway Project

    Gravel Driveway using permeable plastic paving grids

    PP40 plastic porous pavers produces a permeable reinforced surface and retains gravel in place

    Gravel driveway using plastic porous paving grids to retaint he stone
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Driveway Project

Project:   Driveway Renovation and Extension

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  Redborn, St Albans

  PP40 Porous Gravel Grid


Driveway Issue

The end client needed to upgrade their domestic drive which had become tired and unsightly.  They also wished to expand the drives hardstanding area to allow an extra car to park every day.  To meet the latest SuDS requirements / planning on new changed areas over 5m2, the expanded area needed to be self-draining and porous so the extended driveway did not contribute to additional urban flooding from surface water run-off.  A further requirement was a surface that made a noise when walked or driven over. This was due to the client and some surrounding properties having previously been burgled. The gravel driveway still needed to look pleasing to the eye with little and where little or no maintenance was required.

The Driveway Solution

PP40 Porous Gravel Grid was chosen to meet the requirements on site.  A porous angular stone sub-base was laid following the guidelines set-out in the fully downloadable Suregreen Gravel Grid Installation Guide. The PP40 plastic grids were laid on to a mixed size sharp and angular gravel bedding and filled with the specified angular gravel size.


The client now has a driveway that allows car parking for the entire family and is appealing to the eye.  The gravel contained in the cells of the plastic gravel grid are stable and locked in situ. This is acheived due to the special design of the PP40 permeable plastic grids which ensure the cell structure and the gravel interlocks with each other providing a maintenance free parking area.  The new driveway being fully permeable will not contribute to any flood risk in the future.  Moreover the gravel driveway has now become a deterrent against would be burglars because of the noise that would made from foot or car movements.