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    GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh for Car Parking

    Grass reinforcement mesh protects and stengthens the grass to limit grass wear and muddy areas.

    Grass reinforcement mesh protects and stengthens the grass to limit grass wear and muddy areas.
  • Project / Case Study

    Existing worn and muddy grass car park

    The exisitng grass car park was used regularly and caused the grass to become worn and the car park a muddy mess

    Muddy grass car park before being reinforced by plastic mesh
  • Project / Case Study

    PP40 porous pavers filled with gravel

    PP40 porous pavers installed for access to grass car park

    PP40 pavers used for the car park access road
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Case Study / Project

Project:  Everyday Car Parking / Overflow Car Parking

Client:    Oaks Farm Weddings

Location:    Oaks Farm, Oaks Lane, Shirley, Croydon.

Product:    PP40 Porous Paver and GR14 Grass Reinforcement

Contractor:    Speedcut Contractors Ltd


Oaks Farm is a popular sought after wedding venue. Up to quite recently their main business was during the warmer months – mainly at weekends - but demand has been steadily increasing and pressure was on to accept more bookings during week days and into the cooler months of the year. There was a double problem with car parking on site. The old stoned main car park was showing signs of wear and tear and becoming unsuitable for everyday use and the grassed areas used for overflow car parking were showing signs of damage from car movements. Oaks Farm is a wedding centre set in beautiful surroundings in a green area so it was paramount that the solutions were both pleasing to the eye and in keeping with the settings.


For the main car park PP40 plastic porous pavers with a gravel finish was selected. The PP40 plastic pavers with a gravel fill allowed everyday car parking even for the people carrying occasional heavier vehicles. The PP40 porous pavers with gravel also met the aesthetic requirements whist meeting the latest SUDS regulations for flood prevention as the resultant car park surface was permeable. For the grass overflow car parks GR14 grass reinforcement mesh was selected from Suregreen. The GR14 grass reinforcement mesh gave strength, stability and protection to the grassed areas so cars could be parked on them without the smearing and rutting that would have caused had nothing been there.


With the installation of the PP40 permeable plastic pavers and GR14 grass reinforcement mesh, the customer was able to expand his acceptance of new business with a peace of mind regarding car parking issues. The gravel car park and grass parking areas have been kept in accordance with the local surroundings and allowed the desired ambience necessary for a wedding venue.