• Grass Reinforcement Mesh

    Grass Reinforcement Mesh

    GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh for Parking on Grass at Council.

    Grass Reinforcement Mesh
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Grass Car Park

Project: Overflow Car Park

Client: Northwich County Council

Location: Great Budworth Nr Northwich

Products: GR14 Grass Reinforcement 

Car Parking Issue

The residents of Great Budworth have had an ever increasing issue with parking within the village.  Recently constructed, the community and village hall that has, overtime, has become increasingly busier and so attracting extra cars to the immediate vicinity.   Although not used daily, he hall is used all year around and the only overflow parking area is some grassland close by.  Roads adjacent are narrow and do not work well with extra parking demands.  The grass land being used for overflow parking, although flat and well drained, was becoming easily rutted in the winter and during periods of heavy rainfall.  Also due to costs and the desire to be keeping with the local settings, hardstanding what not an option.

Car Parking Solution

What was selected as the solution was GR14 Grass Reinforcement mesh.  The mesh was installed over several days onto the existing grass. The mesh was then encouraged to entangle with and become bonded with the grass.  The grass was cut at regular intervals allowing the cuttings to fall back into the mesh. 

Benefits of using Grass Reinforcement Mesh

The residents now have a viable parking area which can be used all year around in most weather conditions.  The mesh has now almost disappeared into the grass and the so the dual objectives of keeping the grass looking like grass and the costs to a minimum became reality.  Parking at times of peak demand has now become smoother and incident free without congestion and blocking of driveways.