• Grass Car Parking

    GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh used at Lilleshall Sports Centre Parking

    Grass reinforcement mesh used for car parking at the national sports and conference centre at Lilleshall

    Grass reinforcement mesh used for the grass overflow car parks at the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall
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Grass Car Park

Project:   Overflow Grass Car Parking

    Serco Leisure

  Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre

  GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh

Car Parking Issue

The National Sports Centre at Lilleshall is one the UK’s foremost training centres for Britain’s leading sportsmen and women.  It also caters for many prestigious conferences throughout the year.  The centre has become increasingly busy over the past years putting an ever growing demand on the available car parking spaces.  Also the centre is set in many acres of protected grassland so planning for hardstanding car parking spaces, apart from being out of keeping with the settings and character of the centre, was likely to be difficult at best.

Car Parking Solution

The client wanted a grass car parking solution that maintained a grass cover and so in keeping and not out of place with the surrounding countryside. So the solution proposed to meet the demands of the client was GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh and a specially selected support mesh underneath. A grass field was selected that was suitable regarding access, location and drainage. Both products were laid at the same time directly onto the existing grass and pinned onto the ground. The entire installation was done over several days.


The customer now has an overflow car park that they can call upon at peak times.  The Grass Reinforcement mesh was installed at a fraction of the cost and disturbance of installing hardstanding car parking.  Also no extra drainage was needed and the installation was in keeping with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), with all the water percolating into the natural aquifer and no runoff. The combination of the GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh and the special support mesh together gave an enhanced and stronger footprint that enabled the area to withstand the required workloads.The plastic reinforcement mesh spreads the weight of vehicles and other traffic and protects the grass roots, which limits grass wear, rutting and reduces the effects of a muddy car park.