• Gravel Access Road

    TRUCKGRID-MAX heavy duty porous access road

    Installation of a permeable gravel filled access road for HGV access and delivery lorry turning at a retail outlet

    Heavy-weight bearing porous pavers for HGV access
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Access Road Project

Project:   Access to Unloading / Loading Bay

    B38 Group


  Truckgrid Max with Gravel Finish

Access Road Requirement

The staff building at a new Doncaster retail outlet has a loading bay that needed access by Class 2 HGV trucks, transit vans and parcel delivery lorries. To get planning permission the new access road and turning point needed to conform to the latest SuDS requirements (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) to provide a permeable surface, and also needed to obtain the best BREEAM rating possible in relating to the product used having the lowest environmental impact. The access road needed to be fully permeable, not to contribute to water runoff, and able to manage the dynamic loadings imposed by regular trafficking of trucks weighing up 32 tonnes over two axles.  Also the access road needed to require little or no maintenance and to be secure in all weathers and temperatures.

The Permeable Solution

Truckgrid Max heavy duty thick plastic permeable pavers with a gravel finish was chosen.  Truckgrid Max is made from fully recycled plastics so in keeping with the environmental objective.  The access road and turning point was created following construction profile guidelines freely available from the Suregreen website. Truckgrid-Max provides ground stabilisation for heavy-weight vehciles and HGV's. It also provides a permeable paving solution allowing surface water to permeate through the paving into the sub-base below or as part of a source control system.

Benefits of Truckgrid-Max pavers

Using Truckgrid Max the requirements of the client were met.  The access road met the latest SuDS regulations, was fully permeable and was cost effective to install.  Increased costs to install extra drainage on site was avoided and ecological impact kept as low as feasible.  Laying the permeable pavers was labour saving and safer to lay as the weight of each piece of the Truckpave Max allows it to be installed by one man.  Truckgrid Max access road permeable pavers are hardwearing and have a high resistance to frost impact giving the access road an exceptionally long working life.