• PP40 Porous plastic gravel pavers for a reinforced stable car park


    A shared residential car park and courtyard was constructed using plastic permeable paving grids to hold the gravel surface stable and level and free draining

    PP40 for residential shared gravel car parking
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Gravel Car Park

Project:   Courtyard Car Parking Renovation

    Harrison Projects Ltd

Wellesbourne, Warwick

  PP40 Plastic Porous Paving Gravel Grid

Courtyard Issue

The residents of the Wellesbourne near Warwick residential properties needed to upgrade their shared courtyard which had become rutted, unsafe and unpleasant. For the upgrade, the occupants of the houses wanted a hardworking attractive courtyard surface that would be around for many years and cope with pedestrian traffic, vehicles and cars. They also wanted a courtyard that needed little maintenance, that would not contribute to flooding and at the same time keeping the costs to a minimum.

Permeable Pavement Solution

PP40 Porous Gravel Grid was chosen to meet the requirements of the client. Following the fully downloadable Suregreen Gravel Grid Installation and the PP40 design guidelines, a fully permeable robust and durable hardworking surface was generated and finished using a mixed size angular gravel. Plastic pavers with a angular gravelm fill provide a retained gravel, stable and reinforced trafficable surface that free drains.

Benefits of using Porous Plastic Pavers

The residents now have a courtyard that allows for safe car parking for themselves as well as for visitors parking. The porous plastic paving grids retain the gravel in the paver's cells, is stable and strong enough to be used as a Fire Engine Emergency Access route.  At the same time the finished gravel surface is firm and level enough for wheelchair movements as the gravel is contained in the gravel grid producing a stable and locked surface. The open-cell structure of the interlocking permeable plastic pavers and the porous nature of the gravel, allows rainwater to permeate through into the sub-base below to drain naturally without puddles forming on the surface or potential flooding risks. This suitable surface is produced because of the special design of the PP40 Gravel Grid allowing the gravel interlock. Moreover, the gravel courtyard has now become a deterrent against would be burglars because of the noise that would made from foot or car movements.