• PP40 Porous Paver

    PP40 Porous Paver

    P40 grass pavers provide the required ground stabilisation with a natural grass surface

    PP40 Porous Paver with a grass finish
SureGreen PP40 - Grass Finish Installation
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PP40 Porous Paver

Location:  Old White Hart, Lyddington

Contractor:   Alan Jackson

Application:  Overflow / Peak use car park

Product:  PP40 Grass Paver


The Old White Hart Inn & Hotel is a 17th century building that has been extensively refurbished. With additions of a children's play area and a growing reputation for selling good quality food has lead to a growth in trade.  This has led to an increase in demand for car parking spaces. The Old White Hart Inn is also located in a rural conservation village. So a solution for additional parking was sought that would be able to be used throughout the year, was self-draining and would not be out of keeping with its surroundings. Also whatever was installed would need meet government Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations in relation to not adding to potential runoff water at times of heavy rainfall.


PP40 Porous Paver with a grass fill was chosen to meet the requirements on site. A porous hard-core base was laid to support the PP40. The PP40 was then installed on a bed of sandy soil and filled using the same sandy soil and then seeded using an appropriate grass mix. The PP40 has many features which helps keeping a stable and robust working surface with a grass surface. These include a strong natural shape to resist the loadings imposed by the turning motions of the wheels and spikes on the underside of the paver to negate any dislocation. The designed construction profile was based on the guidelines freely available on the Suregreen Website.


The Old White Inn & Hotel now have available a car park that can be used throughout the year in all but the most severe weather conditions at peak times. The PP40 grass porous paver has allowed the hotel to cater for extra parking when needed and to be used safely by pedestrians.  The new overflow grass car is completely self-draining and so conforming to SUDS and overall costs were reduced because of no extra outlays for additional overflow drainage.  Very importantly the grass car park will not be out of keeping with the vista of the village.