• PP40 Caravan Park Installation

    PP40 Caravan Park Installation

SureGreen PP40 - Gravel Finish Installation
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PP40 Porous Paver - Caravan Park Install


Location: Country Meadow Caravan Park, Mablethorpe

Contractor: Self Install

Application: Towing Caravan Pitches

Product: PP40 Gravel Paver


Country Meadow Caravan Park an expanding caravan park that wanted to move from a seasonal summer only intake to being able to cater for caravaners all year round. There were three main issues stopping the development; the existing bad drainage on site, keeping to latest SUDS regulations regarding water runoff, and the overall cost. The solution chosen needed to be self –draining and porous, able to handle the loadings all year round imposed by the caravans, cost effective and at the same time meet local planning demands.


PP40 Porous Paver with a gravel fill was chosen to meet the requirements on site.  PP40 is a hard wearing paver designed to work well with a gravel fill to provide a hardworking surface that is both porous and robust.  A porous hard-core base was laid to support the PP40 and a mixed size angular gravel used for the bedding and fill of the PP40.  The designed construction profile was based on the guidelines freely available on the Suregreen Website. 


Country Meadow Caravan Park now have pitches available that can be used throughout the year in all weather conditions.  The site can now fulfil more bookings than ever before and has unlocked the true potential of this in-demand caravan site. The park can now be used all year round because the new overflow gravel pitches are self-draining and conform to the latest Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements (SUDS), reducing any water run-off issues.  The overall costs were reduced because of no extra outlays for additional overflow drainage was needed and the pitches keep maintenance costs to a minimum.  The gravel filled porous paver is visually good looking and in-keeping with the natural look and feel the Country Meadow Caravan Park is trying to achieve.