• PP50 Install - Porous Paver Gravel Car Park

    PP50 Install - Porous Paver Gravel Car Park

    pp50 Porous Paver Car Park

    Survitc, Grimsby
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PP50 Porous Paver Gravel Car Park


Location: Survitec, Kiln Lane Industrial Estate, Grimsby

Contractor:  Prime Projects

Application: Everyday use Car Park

Product: PP50 Gravel Paver


Survitec is an expanding company located in a busy industrial estate in Grimsby.  Parking on the estate has always proved to be a problem due to lack of spaces available.  As the business was growing and more staff members needed the problem was becoming more and more acute.  Survitec had some scrubland to the rear of the property that was looked at to solve the problem.  Survitec needed a solution that would allow everyday car parking in all weather conditions, be cost effective and would meet planning conditions regarding no extra drainage being required. 


PP50 Porous Paver with a gravel fill was chosen to meet the requirements on site.  PP50 is a commercial hard wearing paver that is built to handle everyday car movements.  A porous hard-core base was laid to support the PP50 and a mixed size angular limestone gravel used for the bedding and fill of the PP50.  The designed construction profile was based on the guidelines freely available on the Suregreen website. 


Survitec now have a car park that can be used throughout the year, the new overflow gravel car park is completely self-draining conforming to the latest Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements (SUDS). Overall costs were reduced because of no extra outlays for additional overflow drainage was needed.  Also the car park was designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and was in keeping with the surrounds.